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Donations (of any amount) gets us closer to making this program a reality. We have a fundraising goal of $30,000 by June 15, 2023. If you'd like to help get us to our target goal, follow the guidelines below.

$3,000 covers all travel and program costs for 1 girl.
$600 covers costs of food, bottled water, and snacks for 1 girl for 1 week.
$500 covers costs of farm tools (shovels, rakes, hoes, and gloves) for 10 girls.
$100 covers recreational costs of 1 girl for 1 day.
$75 covers the costs of a hotel room for 1 night for 1 girl.

Your tax-deductible donation is appreciated.
We are grateful for your support.

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Check Out Our Donation Progress

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